The best toiletry bags

Foldable toiletry bag

Choosing the a toiletry bag for your travels is an essential part of your travel preparations. From my own experience I can say you can be totally annoyed by a toiletry bag that is not suiting your needs. On the other hand: a well designed and practical toiletry bag can do so much. In this article I will provide you with the best available toiletry bags and my own ultimate favourite.

Foldable toiletry bag – Lovelook

We start of with my all time favourite. This foldable one from Lovelook is easy to use and contains so much space. I have a size L and it fits all my essentials for travel. The straps in the bag hold your make-up and shampoo in place. While the hook makes it possible to hang the bag in your bathroom. Zippers on both sides of each compartment makes your toiletries easily accessible. Available in size M and size L.

Toiletry Bag Lovelook

This toileltry bag has a hook from which you can hang the bag in your bathroom. I actually use this every time and makes my make-up and toiletries easily accessible.

Budget friendly – Travelite

This toiletry bag from Travelite is light but robust. Available in 4 different colours with 2 inside compartments. The compartments are big enough for your favourite shampoos. Also a good choice when you want a bag for your sports activities.

Travelite toiletry bag

For the not so light traveler

Do you need a lot to carry in your toiletry bag? Than this item is perfect for you.

It is a whooping 25 cm high, so you can easily bring your favourite shampoo bottles in this one. Large main compartment with 8 mesh pockets, 4 zipper pockets (3 internal, 1 external) keep items well organized and in place, 2 open sides with several organized pockets for more storage, easy to grab just what you need. Medium size with large capacity yet compact design, weighs only 283 grams. Due to the flat design of the bag, it does not take up too much space in your suitcase.

Fun design bags

Looking for a fun design for a reasonable price? Try this bag with 9 fun designs.

The inner lining of the makeup bag is made of food-safe aluminum foil which can be used as a bag for your snacks or even a lunch bag. Premium aluminum foil, easy to clean. The make-up bags are reusable and waterproof.

You can shop all the designs of this bag here on Amazon.

Search for more

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